Lack of confidence

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Re: Lack of confidence

#16 Postby JRH » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:47 am

someone wrote:* One thing I did early on was buy a cheap camera (an SJ4000) as a learning aid and mount it on the handlebars to include the speedo .

I moved my camera. :roll:
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Re: Lack of confidence

#17 Postby tigger004 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:50 am

Lateralus wrote:I found that just getting out and practicing on twisty roads brought on tangible improvements. On a recent ride with a few other novices, some of whom hadn't been out much at all, I found that I was far from the slowest rider overall, despite being on the bike with the smallest engine.

I also have had a few corners where I've got halfway round and suddenly needed to fight the urge to grab the brakes after nearly bottling it. Interestingly, I read an article in Bike this month about the Bikesafe course, which I've already signed up for, where they say that if there's enough grip to stop an upright bike, there's also enough grip for a bike to get around the corner. After doing the course in July, I fully intend to sign up for some advanced training.
tigger004 wrote:The vanishing point moving away or towards you is a good indication of corner speed,

This video provides a decent explanation of this, which I found useful.
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Thanks Lateral us a great supporting video of what I was saying.

Another thing is smoothness and where you are looking, a good source of info is a guy called Jerry Paladino (motorman), he is a bit cheesy but his stuff is from many years of being an american police biker.
He talks about "head and eyes" i have been riding since 1976 and it helped me improve a little. I also like his slow riding stuff with a feathered back brake.

Lastly, a lot of bikers brake or stand a bike up mid corner in panic, both actions have a bad outcome. Usually if you are not being nutty the bike would have got around the bend and the smoother the better. Throttling off / braking affect suspension at any time, doing it mid corner is not a good idea.

One of the other posts says about riding a road you know and increase confidence which is a great idea, something I did was use an empty car park.
Find one that is in good condition, pick a nice day, start off with a low speed and practice circles, figure eights and braking.
The advantage to this is that you can stand a bike up and ride out of an intended course of action without running out of road or worry of other vehicles (a bit like the CBT I guess)

Sorry I'm waffling now, but you enjoyment and safety comes with proper handling and control, get out and practice

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