Kevlar/aramid vs leather

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Re: Kevlar/aramid vs leather

#16 Post by Dannyboy1975 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:17 am

Actually, nevermind, I think summers just finished, 16c and raining today and textiles were perfect.

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Re: Kevlar/aramid vs leather

#17 Post by Cpt_Tact » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:24 pm

I wear jeans for most of the year when its dry/ light showers and carry some plastic over trousers for when the weather turns, personally I find them much more versatile for comfort and general use than leathers or textiles. I am aware that in an accident there is a lot more movement and chances for rotations etc but I doubt there are many roads apart from dual carriageways and motorways that you would be sliding on for over 5 seconds without hitting anything so the additional slide time on leather for me is not so relevant. My old jeans I have sprayed with Nikwax and it works for light showers in the summer where you know they will dry as soon as the sun comes out and I have purchased some pre-treated kevlar jeans for the more changeable months and they work great! I bought an attachment belt to connect to my jacket for both my leather and Rukka jacket and it stops any draft and will hopefully stop the jacket riding up in a crash.

I have a full Rukka textile set for the wet and cold days (winter) and the jacket I will wear until the needle goes above 16 degrees and then its back to leather jackets, I would always go for jeans over leather but that is my preference, one of my friends only wears a one piece all year round as for him that's when he is most comfortable. I work on the grounds that if I am comfortable (hot or cold) then I am a more focused rider and you would hope less likely to be involved in an accident due to being distracted from my gear/ temperature.

I would get a pair of jeans and some over trousers and go from there but that's just me :)

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Re: Kevlar/aramid vs leather

#18 Post by daveinlim » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:21 pm

Tango wrote:
Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:33 pm
Deffo Hood jeans......but the lining does make them warmer than normal jeans......look on their testimonials for how well they stand up to sliding up the road at speed..... :wink:
I've been using my Hood jeans in the hot weather commuting through London.
They are quite heavy but this isn't a surprise when you consider the denim, kevlar, armour in them.
Combined with my Merlin textile jacket I've not had any problem with the heat.

I did get caught in in a storm recently. Merlin jacket has a hidden mac that goes over the main jacket. Worked 100%. Hood jeans though absorbed every drop or rain and deposited it in my boots.

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Re: Kevlar/aramid vs leather

#19 Post by griptwister » Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:33 am

As Bikers we have a social responsibility. We have to wear leathers because there is a leather mountain in Europe and it costs a fortune to store the skins.

In many ways I know I am contributing to the problem by the number of sausage sandwiches I eat however the problem is growing and I do love sausages.

I can only see a future of larger and larger sofas to use up this mountain and then the nation will face increases in moving charges and larger houses will become necessary to hold the "Borrowers" sized furniture which will prove difficult to climb onto. The social problems will be immense.

Once the animals see huge quantities of skins being stored endlessly they may decide enough is enough and revolt. I am particularly concerned that monkeys and apes may get wind of it and break out of their secure accommodation where they can easily sustain a 40 a day smoking habit.

The writing is on the wall ignore it at your peril. By eschewing Leather goods we may see the end of human life as we know it on the planet.

Choose leather.

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Re: Kevlar/aramid vs leather

#20 Post by geofferz » Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:50 am

You're a strange man @griptwister. Funny though.
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