Request for technical help in Bristol

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Request for technical help in Bristol

#1 Post by mackemforever » Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:59 am

I know that this thread doesn't really fit here but I thought it would be most likely to be seen by somebody in Bristol.

I just wanted to ask if there was anybody in Bristol who knew there way around a bike well enough to help me try and find a fault with mine. It is draining its battery from a full charge in around 36 hours, so it is obviously shorting out somewhere but I don't have anywhere near the technical knowledge to want to risk poking around myself.

So, is there anybody who would be able to have a look at the bike for me and hopefully teach me a thing or two before I have to take it into a garage.

The bike in question is a 52 plate Honda Varadero 125.

Thanks very much.