Bristol to Lizard point, All welcome

Post here all planned ride outs and meets for this area.
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Bristol to Lizard point, All welcome

#1 Post by greenrocket » Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:48 am

i am planning a trip in early April for 1/2 nights/ 2/3 days from Bristol to Lizard point, depending on how long the ride ends up being. This will be my first long distance ride over multiple days i will have done. i was looking for advice and any tips/tricks that could help me along my way and for other people who would be interested in joining me on an adventure, as i have no one to currently go with. I will be going no matter what, but some company would be nice. :D

This is my planned route down there, what do you guys think?

I haven't planned the stops yet, but B&B's aren't a rarity, and depending on how long the Route ends up being, will determine where i stop. On the way back i was thinking about using the south coast, and would you guys consider this to be accurate? ... 84240.html
If so i will probably go through Falmouth and get on the A39, and either get off on the A395 or A386 and then ride south on the west side of the park then up through the center, and follow the red line into Dorchester.

Now i have told you my plan, its story time. My original plan was to go to France in July/August for a few days, i came on the rideout forum to get suggestion and to see where others were planning on going, i saw someone talking about the black forest, which sounded great, so i changed my mind and altered the destination, inevitably making the ride much longer, probably a good 1800 miles, much further then the 900-1100 miles into France originally planned. Then i saw someone mention of a 200 mile ride around 2 mountains in Scotland done in a day, which peaked my interest. :lol: ... s-one-day/ so after checking the distance which is still a 1500 mile round trip it was settled that's where i was planning on going. After some more consideration, i decided to put that idea on the backburner for the time being and start smaller, so that any problems that might occur can be addressed before going again.