RST Raptor II CE Boot

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RST Raptor II CE Boot

Post by kickflare » Tue Oct 20, 2015 7:33 am

Labelled as Waterproof touring boots; PU-coated, vulcanised anti-slip rubber sole. Built in PU Shin, ankle and heel protection, moulded anti-twist mid sole, gear change toe pad, heavy duty zip and Velcro closure.

My issue:
I was a complete idiot and brought a size up thinking that I'd need to go a size up. I'm a 6 1/2 in trainers and I thought for boots, I'd need to go up a size. It seems that the sizing seems to be right.

Very secure fit, you can't really move your feet in them, very warm without getting majorly sweaty feet either. I'd guess for other people; they'd be lightweight but I have muscle weakness so they feel pretty weighty. They're not tight around the toes which I usually find in boots.

I have some baby bird ankles so for me, the moulding around the ankle digs in a bit when I'm walking. The shin guards I find mean I can't close the zip up properly.

Over review:
I think these are brilliant boots for a beginner, Very secure fit [although taking them off is a pain in the ass!] The Velcro closure makes up for the fact I can't do them up properly and despite my best testing methods they don't budge or turn on your feet. Walking in a pain in the ass for me because they feel heavy to me. I've hiked in these boots and other than having to clean off the mud off the boots, they stand up to the abuse beautifully. It took me bashing them about for a week straight before any scruff marks came up. The rubber sole gives a secure grip to the road even with oil, petrol or diesel on the road/pavement even when picking up the bike off the road!

I paid £80 for these from the Bike Stop in Stevenage. Other than me f**k up on the sizing, I don't regret buying them at all.
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