Forma Harmony Women's Boots

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Forma Harmony Women's Boots

Post by Hoggs » Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:12 pm

If - like me - you have what could be called "big feet" (size 8) then you may have had the same frustrations when you realise a fair chunk of makers only go up to a size 7 for ladies.

I also wanted something that looked fairly "normal" rather than a racer style.

After many hours of searching I finally came across the Forma boots and loved the style.

Price: They were a bit more than I was looking to pay (I think they were around the £140 mark)

Waterproofness - Top notch. They have a Drytex liner and after an entire day of it hoofing it down when I did my mod 1 my feet were still snug and dry.

Warmth - They are pretty toasty, in the summer they are almost too warm! The bumf claims they have ventilated areas which may be true when you're on a bike and have the air flow but walking around not as noticeable.

Comfort - They have a "memory foam" insert which I have almost worn though, but good solid soles that meant even after three days of walking around Silverstone I had no aches or pains. Initially the zip rubbed against my leg quite badly (a small plaster prevented further irritation) but after a couple of weeks this stopped. Sizing also seems accurate as the 8 fit great.

Protection: Meets all the EU regs and reinforced shin and ankle protection. There is no specific reinforced panel for the gear shift but the leather is pretty tough and after six months of daily riding they are not showing any signs of wear.

Would you recommend these boots? Yes!


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