Lextek Motorcycle Rear Luggage Box (56 Litre)

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Lextek Motorcycle Rear Luggage Box (56 Litre)

Post by vicki » Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:23 am

Lextek Motorcycle Rear Luggage Box (56 Litre)
Price: around £40 (available on ebay)

Fixing: a bit wobbly, and we had to adapt it by drilling some holes and using tie wraps which made it much better! It is however rather flimsy and bouncy bouncy on the back!

We bought it for when we went to Assen and got plenty in it for two people, we did have soft panniers as well. Fits in 2 helmets with ease with room for some extra bits as well. The plastic lip that fits under the rack broke off after a few months, as Jim kept it on the bike all the time, even when doing 71mph ragging the bike all over the place :wink: Lock stayed secure at all times. Would recommend as good value for money, but more serious travellers may wish to consider something of a higher quality.

Product Features
Supplied in black with red reflector.
Fits most models
Enough space to hold two full face motorcycle helmets and additional luggage
Spare key supplied as standard
Supplied with cross pattern mounting plate to allow for easy fixing *1
Comes complete with fixing kit
Secure locking and quick release


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Re: Lextek Motorcycle Rear Luggage Box (56 Litre)

Post by Throttled » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:38 pm

I had a top box exactly like that from Tech 7 and now have one from The Custom Bike Co, both bought off eBay. The boxes were made by the same Chinese company, going by the marking inside them and other companies must buy them and put their own logo into the insert on top.

I found the top plate a bit of a fiddle to put on, but once done it is secure. No bouncing like your one Vicky.


I also found that the Tech 7 one could be opened with any key that you could get about 5mm into the lock!

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