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B-square 32 litre tankbag

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B-square 32 litre tankbag

Post by Jota » Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:41 pm

Lidl tankbag bought for £14.99 over 4 years ago (sells now for £19.99)
Figured this was way too cheap to be any good but bought it to see if I had any use for a tankbag and if so I'd replace it when it inevitably fell apart.
After 4 years of fair use I'm still waiting for it to show any signs of wear! absolutely brilliant value for money, makes you wonder why people pay more :?
3 useful side pockets,map pocket, integrated waterproof cover, carry handle, shoulder straps, expandable to double its size, strong magnets and safety strap.
Just make sure your bike has a metal tank :wink:

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