Aftermarket Fairings Review (auctmarts)

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Aftermarket Fairings Review (auctmarts)

#1 Post by SlowBusa » Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:46 pm

This is a Review of Aftermarket Chinese fairings..........yep you read right "Chinese", although the company is actually American (I Think)

I researched and researched for about a year before I decided.

Chinese Fairings have a bad reputation....quite deservedly too!

Ive read horror stories about holes having to be drilled for fairing bolts,
zip ties needed to pull parts together,
melting plastics,
paint peeling, bubbling not matching and generally looking crap after a few days,
and much worse!
Needless to say that put me off the cheaper companies.

EXCEPT for "" I read reviews from years ago that had been updated every 6 went back 4 years and the author claimed they were nearly as good as OEM and looked the same 4 years on, he Praised the paintwork a Lot

This company is also open to customising fairings/decals to your needs,
and yes the Decals are under the Clear Coat

The general speak on the net is that you get what you pay for...which is true

Now to Auctmarts Fairings
The company website is in USA and you pay in Dollars.....but the painting is done in Hong Kong,

Im not sure if the fairings are made in the USA or not

Their Reputation is pretty good But communication is not so good once they have your $$$$$,
Understandably that concerned me,

So I fired off a few emails complaining that I had heard some bad reports about their reputation online
(truth was I had only read good reviews)

I was sent an Email where they apologized for there slow work and 2 days later received pictures of my newly painted fairings,

They were a bit slow with the Whole process , taking 5 weeks (normally 4 weeks) from paying to delivery BUT it was ALL worth it. after all its not a 5 minute job!

The shipping from Hong Kong only took 3 days from Flying them out to clearing customs and being delivered !!

I had expected about £150 for Import tax's but when They arrived the Import tax was £61.**
In my head I had saved £100.......needless to say thats great :)

Now to Fitting and Quality

The Quality of them Is EXCELLENT I would say 95% of OEM
The Paintwork is beautifully Done (This is NO Rush Job!) and I Fully expect it to look as good in years to come

I expected a few minor problems, but the fitting was Exactly the same as OEM.(No gaps)..I didnt have to drill holes or use zip ties....or any of the stuff thats associated with cheaper Chinese Fairings

Apart from having NO Fitting problems at all, I had ordered a Tank Cover,
This is where there could have been a problem right?.....WRONG.....I am Amazed how well the Tank Cover Fits!
If you didnt know you would swear it was a freshly painted tank....see pics

All in All I am Over the Moon With these fairings and they have transformed my 17 year old bike,

All these pictures are with loads of finger prints on them, I havnt washed the bike at the time of taking the pics
1st Pic is before
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Re: Aftermarket Fairings Review (auctmarts)

#2 Post by Bianco2564 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:10 pm

I have a set of pattern bodywork on the RGV,bought 2nd hand off ebay for £33 :thumb:
I still have the originals but they are not in great Nick hence buying the Chinese set as a stop gap,however i like them so much ive left them on.
The finish on them is really good,decals are very nice and sharp,the decal alignment is good.
However there are a few downsides.
Many of the mounting bosses became detached and required gluing on.
Some of the panel gaps are a little flaky.
Don't know what make they are but can't imagine there are that many factories in China making these things.
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Re: Aftermarket Fairings Review (auctmarts)

#3 Post by Bender » Sun Jul 08, 2018 1:39 pm


That looks really good, glad it all worked out.
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Re: Aftermarket Fairings Review (auctmarts)

#4 Post by Hoggs » Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:51 pm

ooooh I might look into that... my fairings are knackered :lol:

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Re: Aftermarket Fairings Review (auctmarts)

#5 Post by SlowBusa » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:56 pm