‘Turbo Blaster’ Motorbike Dryer

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‘Turbo Blaster’ Motorbike Dryer

#1 Post by xMachina » Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:59 pm

I have put Turbo Blaster in quotes to differentiate these as there is an Amazon seller that sells units under this name but they are not the same unit. From what I can see identical units are for sale on Amazon at a slightly higher price – unless you want a pink one!

Price paid: £49.39 – Seller doesn’t seem to accept offers even though there is a best offer option. I made 2 offers and both were declined without counteroffer, my highest was £48 and I felt it became pointless to start bartering over pence.

Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Turbo-Blaste ... 2749.l2649
First impressions:
The dryer arrived quickly, I ordered it on Sunday afternoon and it was delivered on Wednesday and it certainly seems to have been dispatched from within the UK. It arrived well package and on taking it out the box it feels pretty substantial and well made. There is a sticker that says ‘Pet Dryer’ but that would seem to be all of these units intended use, changing it to ‘Bike Dryer’ looks like some peoples way of cashing in by charging 3 times as much for essentially the same unit.

I decided to give it a quick test to make sure it worked. It seems powerful on its FULL setting and it also has an adjustable setting. It’s worth noting that the adjustment level work the opposite way to what is indicated on the sticker. The heating seems good too, with 3 settings - LO/OFF/HI.

It comes with 3 different attachments and what would appear to be a good length of expanding hose.

Using the dryer:
It was very quick and easy to attach the hose and get drying, and the unit was very effective. The main body isn’t so heavy that holding or moving it is a chore but it is also heavy enough to stay put when you put it down. It worked very well at blowing water out of traps and the smallest of the nozzles was perfect for getting in and around the engine.

The adjustable speed was very handy as I discovered that on full blast in some places it sprayed water all over the place – dialling it back a bit prevented this but still got the water out. I had the heat set to low and that seemed plenty warm enough, especially as it was a warm day to begin with, I would imagine in colder weather the heat would be even more handy to have.

A third of the price of the Amazon Turbo Blaster and £115.61 cheaper than the dearest!
Has positive reviews on eBay, all 5 stars.
Easy to use and move around
Dries the bike well
Different attachments are handy
Good hose length

1 less attachment than the expensive ones
Cable could be longer, you will need an extension lead
5 year warranty is probably questionable

Overall I can’t really fault how the dryer performed, and for the money it seems a great bit of kit to have. I clean my bike quite regularly so I will try to do an update in 6 months or so (unless there is an earlier failure!) with any further thoughts or developments.
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Re: ‘Turbo Blaster’ Motorbike Dryer

#2 Post by raesewell » Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:05 pm

I dry my bike by taking it for a ride after washing it, much more fun :P

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Re: ‘Turbo Blaster’ Motorbike Dryer

#3 Post by linuxrob » Thu Aug 22, 2019 4:48 pm

Good review, thanks. Will get one myself as my little compressor is on most of the time when drying the bike and no warm air option.


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Re: ‘Turbo Blaster’ Motorbike Dryer

#4 Post by MikeHorton » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:51 pm

I bought the same model over the winter it's great for the money. I rarely use it in the summer but its great for the winter if ur rolling the bike back into the garage straight after.