Need advice about Honda cb 750 f2 n engine

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Need advice about Honda cb 750 f2 n engine

#1 Post by Aqualung » Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:51 pm

Hi,I'm new to the forum.My name is Rich and I'm the proud owner of a lovely old 1993 Honda cb 750 f2 n .Just one of the loveliest bikes I've had .
The story so far.
Had bike about six years .Started sticking in gear the other day,so dropped her into where I have it moted to see what they thought .Got years ticket mot as was due anyway at the time .
They said needed new clutch ,so said go ahead .
Got phone call about week later,not clutch ,transmission ,will cost about £1000 to split her etc .
Thought ,oh dear,or worse to that effect ,can't afford that.
So,decided to get them to bring her back in there van,another £50 although they said don't need to pay for the new clutch they put in as there mistake .Bit odd?
Didn't ride it back as they said will stick in forth then you will have to wait for it to cool down and put it in gear by hand and start off again ?
Anyway ,in meantime started looking for a cheap runabout to get to work .
Found a Yami 600 for £700 miles away ,had to change over insurance ,tax etc.
Well,put battery on Honda today so could put it behind Shed ,but seemed to go into gear ok .Took up lane and seemed better than before going into all gears.Worried now as just got another bike I didn't want .Cant ride it far as no insurance or tax on it as cancelled thinking bike no good,broken gearbox like they told me .
How can it work ok up and down lane but so called get stuck in gear after a long run .Surely if it was a gearbox problem it would do the same i at any time ?
Have I made a huge mistake buying another bike for no reason?Trouble is for me to find out I will have to tax and insure the Honda again ,that means two bikes with tax and insurance which I cannot afford.
Please,please can you give any advice.So,sorry it's a long one .

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Re: Need advice about Honda cb 750 f2 n engine

#2 Post by fastbob » Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:14 am

I had a GS550 that only got stuck in gear when it got hot so I think its wishful thinking to believe the fault has gone away I'm afraid. Now that you have a second bike you have all winter to fix the gearbox yourself. Its probably a bent or worn selector fork. The best thing to do now is read and re read the Haynes manual until you have a good grasp of what's involved. I've done this job myself and it's not as daunting as it might seem.

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