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Post by jamessk98 » Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:09 pm

My insurance is due up at the end of next week due to it being cancelled :damn:

It has an MOT till the 26th of August, but if I can get it done sooner it will pass, last year there was only 2 advisories, I'm sure it will pass this year easily.
It has had 3 new tyres fitted in the last month or so and the 4th maybe 2 months ago. I has had the engine swapped, but is the exact same 1.2 engine as the original.

Would be great for a first car like it was for me, but as I'm off to uni and looking to get a motorbike it's just not worth the money, especially as I'll never use it if I have a bike.

Please feel free to message me for more information on anything.

It was given to me from my dad so I'm not toooooooo fussed on the price, so let me know what your budget is. I am looking for about £400 at the minimum though.

Also have a fair amount of spares eg. fuel rail, injectors, starter motor, ac compressor, basically a whole other engine (minus the snapped con rod).

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