The one where an important bolt snapped

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Re: The one where an important bolt snapped

Post by skyrider » Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:25 pm

and something you can live without :|
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Re: The one where an important bolt snapped

Post by onesea » Fri Aug 28, 2020 9:29 pm

You have my sympathy last engine block bolt I had shear was on a boat on a mooring.. accessable by dinghy.

My engineer had basically said it's a manifold and if it's going to shear it will go on me as easily as you....

Well 1 sheared, :shock: .

Next phone call to engineer, will you know as much about removing them as I do, suggest you start with easy-out. This is hand tools only no 240v power on floating boat

Dinghy run ashore for easy-out...

Easy-out nearly snapped managed to get it out,

Next advice was drilling, it out by hand drill..

As much removed as I dared, tap to clear threads.

Dinghy run ashore for taps.

Tap threaded into clean threads 3/4 turn in 1/2 turn back, doing well.

Tap snaps clean off.

Oh duck. Phone call to my engineer, bring me the head is got to come of I'll get it serviced since it's got to come of and refit it for you.. it won't be cheap :shock:

Phone call to old marine engineer friend, so you have a tap broken in the engine head. Yes. That's not very good is it. No. You know you will probably have to rebuild the engine. Yes. That's not very good is it. No.

How have you got yourself here, I give him full story. That's not good. No.

He then suggests, taps by nature are very hard metal, you did not drop the tap did you? Use hammer? (He knows me well) No and I actually had not, although actually shearing bolt... I won't mention.

Well he says there is one thing that might.... Do you have large hammer, hand in tool box strangely yes 1 pound lump 🔨, a sharp punch, again hand in, yes.

Well the thing with hard metals is they are very brittle, if you hit the tap hard enough with one swing there is small chance, it will shatter.

If you ever try this at home wear safety glasses... They really explode.

It worked, it took me 3 days and countless ciggerette's (why do I have a pension) to get that one bolt out.

My marine engineer's comment when job was done was original solution and for all you smoked it was cheaper than me being involved :scratch:

IMHO You made the right choice...
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Re: The one where an important bolt snapped

Post by SometimesSansEngine » Fri Aug 28, 2020 10:57 pm

Cheers @onesea, chatting to many of my (mostly more mechanical/maintenance/engineering background) friends I'm beginning to learn that just like "dropping your bike" stories many seem to have one of these types of tales. Does make me feel a bit better about it all!

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