Honda Grom MSX 125 biting point

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Honda Grom MSX 125 biting point

Post by Arezzx » Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:32 pm


I have recently just bought my first bike a 125cc Honda grom and I am looking forward to getting on the road I have my CBT on Saturday and I have a few quick questions

A few years ago I rode a pitbike and this is why I chose to get a Honda Grom as they are the same size and I am not very tall on my old pit bike the biting point on the clutch was very soon after I released the clutch but I have had a test ride today on my Grom and it seems the biting point is very far back nearly just as the clutch is fully released I understand all bikes will be different but I have old habits of releasing the clutch very soon as that is what I did on my pitbike but when I do this now it causes me to stall the bike is there any possible way to make it so the biting point on my clutch is earlier also dose anyone else who has a Honda Grom feel the biting point is very near to the clutch being fully released

Thank you in advance

Kind Regards,

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Re: Honda Grom MSX 125 biting point

Post by winston smith » Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:41 am

Hi n welcome.
The bitebpoint is adjustable. If you're buying from a dealer they can do this for you, or....

Where the cable comes up to the clutch lever assembly there are 2 knurled metal wheels with a threaded metal section between them.
The large narrow wheel is there to lock the cable in place - turn it backwards towards you ( if you're sitting on the bike) to unlock.
The small wide wheel adjusts the cable - turn it forwards away from you to bring the bitebpoint back towards the handle bar until it's at the right position for your hand - best to go half a turn, check it, half a turn, check it, etc.
Don't bring the bitebpoint back too far otherwise the clutch may not disengage properly
When you're happy with the bitebpoint don't forget to tighten the large wheel to lock the cable in position.

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